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  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited design files
  • Unlimited file storage
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Frequently asked questions

Is Sensive for designers only?

Not necessarily. We offer integrations with Figma and Sketch to help designers make their processes more transparent, and have access to a visual timeline of their changes. But Sensive is a project management, and asset management platform built to adapt to your workflow.

Whether you are operating a freelance business, an agency, or a startup, Sensive can help you manage your creative projects, organize your assets, and keep everything centralized in one platform.

What are Workspaces?

A Workspace is a container for your Projects, Collections, and Files.

The magic of collaboration happens in Workspaces. A digital agency might have a Workspace per account to manage client projects, while a small startup might centralize their operations, creating a Workspace for each department within the organization.

When you sign into Sensive, you will see a list of all the Workspaces for which you are a collaborator on the left-most sidebar.

Do you charge per seat?

No. Teams include unlimited Collaborators. Invite as many teammate as you need.

What counts as a collaborator?

Anyone registered and included in your team counts as a member. All collaborators have privileges to create & manage projects as well as to participate in discussions, upload files, or sync design files.



Define deliverables and customize stages to align with your projects.


Manage your efforts across teams or client relationships.

Project Prioritization

Prioritize and visualize your work. Manage tasks across kanban and lists.

Asset Management

Consolidate your files and organize everything in a unified platform.


Organize and put your assets on the spotlight with shareable collections

Smart Resources

Transform your files and assets into flexible self-updating assets.

Asset versions

Showcase the evolution of your work with built-in asset versioning


Provide better feedback through contextual annotations.


Bring your designs as Smart Assets directly from Figma and Sketch.

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